This Is a  "High Impact" , "No Holes Barred" type of journal! You may not like what I have to say, "too bad!" You may not approve of spelling, format, content, remarks, views, antics, personal suggestions, opinions, etc..     I may even hurt your feelings, (ahhh, that's too bad!).  I'll try not to,  as that's not why I started this.  This is  meant to amuse, entertain, and even open you eyes. This is a project long in the making.  Topics WILL include  Discoveries (my own and what's out there), the good, the bad,  God, Paranormal, what's really real, whats in your head, mine and  everything in between.  THERE WILL BE NO MODIFICATIONS!  NO "PARTICULARITIES"  that would make this journal "pretty" "comfortable" or to "YOUR" specific liking. Todays blogs and journals may be "The latest" in teckie crap, but  I'm here now, It's me the one that influenced so many industries and individuals. The one that wispers and everone listens to. The behind the scene guy. I have no pshycological  problems. I'm not paranoid. I AM interested in over-seeing any small problem or delema an individual might have or encounter along life's way. I care! My life has been dedicated to caring, to learning, to adapting. . .To using whatever media or reasonable means to. That includes many medias, and for whatever I'm trying to get across.

     This is the story of my life:

     The year was 1492.  Christobal Colombus had already started a rumor in order to get feedback as to whether it would be feasible to ask for the ships and crew he needed for such a trip.  It was a lot to ask for, and no colateral to bargain with.  The news of a new route to India was controversial.  The Vikings were the only ones to have seen and rumored truthfully.  As is today, the one to wear the pants in a Spanish family is the wife.  King Ferdinand gave in to the Queen who wished to out power the Brits.  Word  was sent.  Christopher was to approach with his request.  It did not take much for the Queen to be dazzled with the thought.  New and exotic riches, gold, etc..  It's no wonder she was outraged in the end.  She sanctioned the whole trip.  Poor Christopher ultimately died in a prison cellar.  

    Pedro his cabin boy was denied a family crest.  After having been "Sanctioned", He lost his nobility.  Shame from having delivered nothing of value to the Queen, caused Pedro to look for work and a new life, far away and south from the town he knew as home.  There are three towns in Spain with the name Acevedo.  At that time, there was no need for the importance of last names.  You were known from the town you were born in.  So much was labeled upon you, depending location of your birth.  Pedro was "from" Acevedo ( de Acevedo ), not "De" which would be a specific family ( Probably the families the towns were named after).  

    Three hundred years later in 1853, after having sojourned the whole south of Spain to the Arabian and Turkish (maybe even Albanian) gene pool, ( where my Great Great Grand parents met ),  Great Grand Mother was later born just south of the perinees in a town by the name of San Sebastian De los Reyes after the trek back north.  Her name was Eduvijes Sosa Cruz.    The Lopez Blood that eventually melded with the "Cruz" and "Sosa" family shared the very same history and joined in about the time Eduvijes ( Great Grand Ma ) left Spain to Puerto Rico.  The Lopez men and the cousins which were the Ferrer family later split up to find themselves in the "NewWorld".  The very same family that later begat the  actor family in the early 1900's that brought you Jose Ferrer.  You know.. "MOULON ROUGE"?  ( '50's )

    Don't forget the spanish were in the middle of an inquisition from the early middle ages till even the begining of the "Industrial Age".   Mix breeds had no homeland.  Religion was to be only one.  Dictated by Roman rule, anyone who was not Roman Catholic was a witch, Even in the year 1853!  You can imagine there was no divorce.  Prejudice of all who was not Roman Orthodox was the norm.  Again the trek south began.  It was unclear what religion to be.  Whole heartedly, my great, great grand parents were A.M.O.R.C.  commomly known as Rosie Crucian (Or rosea Crusea).  One such web site for which I don't have specific permission for features a prayer guaranteed to stir up the "HOLY SPIRIT", (FORGIVE ME LORD, IT IS NOT TO GRIEVE THEE!).

    You can not tell me this was, or is a cult!.  Great Grand Ma's last name was Cruz.  I'm pretty sure it's short for Crucillista, which doesn't translate any more in todays Spanish, except as a last name.  It originally meant crusader for Christ.  It was a label by which to live under.  A way to profess ones faith.  Of course hundreds of years ago it would have gotten you killed.  Some where near her thirties, Eduvijes Sosa Cruz ventured off to the new world where it was free to practice her faith.  It would have been expensive and ultimately lonely to go to the states.  There was no one there who spoke Gallegan Spanish.  So, off to the next best choice, one of the Spanish islands she went.  No not cuba, it had undiscovered monsters that eat people! (crocs).  Somewhere in 1883 she ventured off to The Island of Enchantment, Puerto Rico.  They spoke Spanish there!  It was the next melting pot.;  Once there she settled in a town by the name San German (Who Knew?).  A few children later, and having once given birth to Saturnina, and (as we all do), she awaited the next generation to accomplish what they all so much want to accomlish themselves.

    Oh, did I not mention this is all on my "Father's" side of the family? 

    Mean while, on the Canary Islands at the same time begining 1853, Josefa Montalvo set her sites on the Island of Enchantment, a reigning, flaming, red head  beauty with piercing green eyes.  A Contessa in every right.  Of the family courts of Spain. Nobles.  History is very vague after her maiden voyage to Puerto Rico.  There was loss of records on both sides.   The churches held those records.  Who knows what was held on to by the Spanish.  I'd have to go there to research.  

    All during this time the Lopez "Men" of the family, following their uncles and cousins set out to the four corners of it's time. Puerto Rico ( for those who were poor or rich enough to start over), New York and Philadelphia (for convenience and distance) Chicago , Los Angeles, St, Louis (okay 6!).

    Of those begats, the ones that went via P.R. followed former tried and true uncles before them.  Besides, they 'd not heard anything from them.  No news is GOOD news... Until a couple of hundred years later.  Remember...  Look up Antonio Lopez.  I make no excuses!  We went too far south!  Who knew!  One of my Great grand father's veered south east and I can relate to the southern hospitality.  Somewhere early in the early 1800's a child was born to an Indian woman from the Gulf Coast.  Again, life begins between the worlds of racial devide.  Going with the flow, the warmer weather was promising and not far away. Today we call that weather Mexico.  There is not much I can do now, history has been written, in this case, FOR ALL TIME!

    Continued from the paragragh third from last, Josefa Montalvo was settling land in an area known now as luquillo Beach, on the Island of Enchantment, Puerto Rico.  The years were in the early 1800's.  Josefa and the family she surrounded herself with was large.  You had to have many children in order to ensure survival of the fittest.  The families that were able to incorporated their children into the daily chores became their own small businesses.  Some made it, some didn't!  At all!  Childhood illnesses and diseases were inevitable.  It was not uncommon to have 16 children and begin at thirteen years of age.  Angelina was one of those children.  She fell along the lines of modest and married Paul Roman,  a farmer by family trade, to begin life for themselves as teens. 

To be continued....


By 1888, The Romans began to record history.  (..this may include more data later..) The last to be born was Francisca in 1922.  Mother, Georgina was three years of age.  We, the Roman family had the next generation, and the children of what were supposed to have been slaves. They were NEVER treated as less than our own.  Life was so dim then, there was no division. We all worked together for one cause! To survive and feed ourselves, our own. The property was vast for it's day. Even then, We had set laws though, We were not ever to be seen playing together. That would be treachery amongst neighbors at that time.  As it was, when Francisca was born, The Gonzalez family ( no relation to the latter addition ) , Tried to intimidate or ridicule Pablo and Angelina for having "Those People" on property, still! 

 A mad cramble for land had begun. The original location in which Josepha Montalvo had settled, east of San Juan now called Luquillo beach, was taken over by the "government", our government.  That was when all who had farms and land went west. Yes even on the island. It was the acceptable thing to do, as the Americans were doing it also.  The new settlement was in Arecibo just a few miles from where the observatory is now....

Imminent domain, again cause the new cull to become the R.A.B.

This all began on one side and finished with another (because that would be 'me'.

From Columbus' ship, to Romans today. Hundreds of years just on this page.



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